The Snow Queen 3: Fire and Ice

Following heroically beating the two Snow Queen and that the Snow King, Gerda still can’t obtain peace. Her fantasy is always to find that her parents that were taken from them by the North Wind and finally get back the household. So, Gerda and her pals embark in a leaving journey to seek out her parents and encounter new challenges on the waythey find that an early magic artifact of their trolls, the Stone of all Fire and Ice. From this time on, things do not proceed in line with this initial program…Will Gerda have the ability to tame the powerful forces of these magic parts and make back her family? The answer is going to probably be indulged in 2016. This can be a narrative which encompasses all you like about Wizart: Personality, bravery, friendship, puzzle, love of someone’s family, and a happy ending, of course!