Six Characters in Search of a Play

Sordid Lives creator Del Shores’ new movie of his big-screen series, led by Emerson Collins, shows once and for everything he isn’t a author, he’s a self-proclaimed burglar! Back in Six Characters In Search Of A Play, riffing on Pirandello’s classic name, Shores brings to life one-of-a-sort characters he’s fulfilled in real life who haven’t really made it in to a single of his plays, movies or TV shows. The viewer will hear the facts behind how he gathered those eccentrics along with their stories since he describes his funny, off-the-rails encounters together. The crowd will fulfill Yvonne, also the anti-vegetarian Dallas waitress; Sarah, a Trump-hating older actor having the inhaler in one hand and also a cigarette in another; Jimmy Ray, the casting, Magic Mike-loving latent Georgia redneck; Loraine, the once-brilliant drama instructor that gets lost her damn head and is currently obsessed with pornography; Marsha, the monkey-hating lesbian together with COPD; along with Aunt Bobby Sue, the stereotypical Republican together with a heart of gold.

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